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Teeth whitening

For people who pay special attention to the beauty of their smile (because of your profession or social status, etc.) we recommend medical teeth colour restoration.

It is safe, painless, enamel-protecting procedure. It is recommended to have a professional dental hygene procedure before whitenning.

Whitenning procedure is suitable for everyone except pregnant or nursing mothers, allergic patients,  those wearing braces and people with inherent enamel pathologies.

Teeth colour changes are most commonly caused by:

  • consumption of colouring foods such as: coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco;
  • aging process;
  • consumption of antibiotics (tetracycline or similar) while the teeth are forming (i.e. at young age).


We offer several methods for teeth color repair:

  1. Home whitening system

Using this method, the patient uses individually crafted teeth whitening trays at home. The trays are filled with a special whitenning gel and placed on the teeth. Trays can be worn overnight while sleeping or for two hours during the day. This whitening method might take from one to two weeks to complete. The teeth might become a bit more sensitive at first but this effect wears off over time.

  1. In-Office Teeth Whitening

This procedure is carried out in the dentist’s office and lasts for around an hour. During this procedure, a special whitening paste is applied to the teeth, which is later activated using a special dental curing lamp. For best results it is recommended to carry out two or three such procedures. This procedure is perfectly suitable as a way to renew a previously carried out whitening.

  1. Endodontic teeth whitening






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