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Restoration of worn teeth

The surface of the enamel is worn because of many reasons. First signs are the yellow patches that appear on the top of the teeth. This is the second layer of the tooth – dentine. It is much softer than enamel, so such teeth are worn further even faster. If left untreated, the teeth are worn down to the nerve. This can lead to night-time tooth pain, as well as headaches due to changes in the area of  the jaw joint.

Main factors for the wear of teeth:

  • patient’s age;
  • chewing habits;
  • one or several teeth loss;
  • incorrectly applied fillings or dentures;
  • nighttime/daytime teeth grinding;
  • in the case of an irregular bite;
  • increased stomach acidity;
  • tense chewing muscles.



Restoration of teeth and lifting of the bite is possible in the following ways:

  1. Using fillings.
  2. Using prosthetics.
  3. Mix of the two above.

Bite lifting

Bite lifting is a procedure in which teeth anatomical surfaces are restored. This procedure requires skill from the doctor and patience from the patient. Bite lifting is performed for patients who have an incorrect bite height.

The main reasons for low bite:


1) Bruxism (teeth grinding). Often people do not even think that they grind their teeth. The dentist determines this during the examination, assessing the patient’s oral cavity.

2) Tooth extraction. After removing a tooth, the void has to be filled in by a prosthetic. Without it, deformation of the teeth arch is imminent and this leads to wear of the anatomical surfaces of the other teeth.

3) Teeth with poorly restored fillings, when the exact anatomical surfaces of the teeth are not formed properly.


The bite lift can be performed in the following ways:


1) Restoration of the anatomical surfaces of teeth with composites (fillings).

2) Restoration of the anatomical surfaces of teeth with microprosthetics (inlays/onlays).

3) In case of severe teeth defects, restoration can be carried out using prosthetics: crowns, bridges, etc.

In case of heavy tooth wear, bite lifting procedure is necessary. Without this procedure, you may experience the following symptoms:


1) Jaw joint pathology (jaw pain, jaw clicking, ringing in the ears).

2) Face shape changes.

3) Increased tooth sensitivity.

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