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Dental implants

A tooth implant is a special metal screw threaded in the jaw. It acts as the root of the lost tooth. There are several ways to implant:


1. Immediately after removing the tooth or its root, which is not suitable for prosthetics.

 2. After some time, when the wound is healed or at the site of a previously removed tooth.

 The advantages of dental implants compared to dental prosthetics:


1. No need to grind adjacent teeth.

 2. Nearby teeth are not overloaded (i.e. by supporting the prosthetic) .

 3. It is possible to restore bite and bite function without removable prosthetics when more teeth are lost.

 4. Can provide a fixing point for removable denture, when all teeth are lost and the jaw bone is dissolved.

Before implantation it is necessary to get:

1.a panoramic X-ray photo.


2.a consultation with a surgeon.


3.Prosthetics expert consultation. During the consultation, the exact course of the surgery, the design of the prosthetic and the time-line of the treatment are decided. The restoration of the chewing function consists of several steps. The surgical stage consists of: implant insertion, removal of threads after 7-10 days, implant consolidation in the jaw for 3-6 months. After this follows the prosthetics stage.


More detailed information will be provided during an individual consultation.

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