• Odontological clinic was founded in 1995, October. Three modern treatment rooms are prepared to perform all odontological services.
  • There is a lovely, diligent and proficient personnel working in the clinic. All doctors are specialists in odontology.
  • Dentists have been improving their skills at different training centers and odontology clinics in following countries:Germany, Finland, England, Australia, Italy,Turkey and Lithuania. They constantly take classes at various seminars in Lithuania.  
  • We are working with modern dental equipment of Italian company OMC and Japanese company Progia.
  • The highest quality materials   are used.  
  • The radiographs can also be made. 

You are welcome to visit us. Leave your fear behind and keep on smiling all the time!

Our services:

  • Dens try,  
  • Prosthetic, 
  • Dental implantation,  
  • Mucous membrane treatment,  
  • Oral surgery, 
  • Cleaning and prevention,  
  • Equilibration of teeth with some contortions
  • Teeth whitening,Teeth  decoration   
  • Radiographs

Our adress:

     K. Baršausko str. 65-1, Kaunas , Lithuania   

Tel.    +370(37) 350765 

 +370(674) 49866